Sunday, April 6, 2008

my mini album

I've been working on a mini album of dd's bridal party. I thought it would be nice to set up at the wedding, so people could get to know the girls. This is just a couple of the pages. I used Basic Gray's Two Scoops...I just need pics of the 2 flower girls and of all the guys to finish this.

Had a little time today, I did get to work on this today.

I also joined SparkPeople today, Sarah C recommended it last month, and I finally had the computer to I did it! It seems to be a good website full of advice and help and encouragement.

Tomorrow I'm off work, have a couple of appointments. Dentist and DMV, fun, fun.
Oh, though I got chills this morning, I did not get sick. So, I guess I'm not contagious, I hope, so I'll keep those appointments.

oh, dd is having a lingerie shower/bachlorette party, (I wasn't invited)(boo) but I'm looking for a classy peignoir set for her, you know something like you'd see in the old movies...silky white with a robe. Not any kind of Victoria's Secret naughty thing, Any suggestions as to where I can look?

from Steph at 2 peas: Does the weather have any impact on your desire to create? If so is there a season that makes you feel more crafty?

I never really thought about it, rainy weather would help keep me at home.
Oh, and I don't really want to go to a crop when raining, the thought of my stuff even potentially getting wet is a put-off.
But I'd have to say weather doesn't really impact my desire to create, but can sometimes create the circumstances in which I stay home and actually do!!


Sherri said...

Looks like it'll be an awesome album! As for the "classy peignoir set" have you tried antique shops? My MIL gave my one for my wedding that she found at vintage shop. I love it...DH knows that when I put it on it's romance time LOL

Lida said...

Aww that is a great what u are doing with the mini album and it looks super pretty!

Patter Cross said...

I love rain but certainly wouldn't want to go to a crop in it either. But if it rains a lot, I just get tired! :)