Tuesday, April 22, 2008

turned out to be music..

from 2 peas: Close your eyes and write the first thing...

Well, just sitting here after my shower, squeezing in a little computer time before its time to go to work...I have VH1's countdown on the li'l tv...the girl's voice in A Fine Frenzy is very beautiful...

Dh usually has the tv on his news channel, but I always switch to music.
I just don't want to be overloaded about how messed up the world is first thing in the morning, I'd rather be 'transported' by music. Now VH1 is odd for me, I usually watch the country music channel...but everynowandthen I enjoy 'pop' music. Even in my car. Then it stops being 'fresh' to me and the channel gets changed...ya know.

But for scrappin' I do love upbeat music, like Fergie, I think she is a horrible vocalist...but the music is fun...what can I say. But I also listen to Michael Buble while scrappin...now talk about a voice...wowza.

I just shocked dil when I got the Santana compilation cd. I love the duets, esp with Rob Thomas and Michele Branch...the one with Steven Tyler was pretty darn cool also..oh, don't forget Tina Turner.

so, the last cd's I've bought: KT Tunstall, Jordin Sparks, Santana, Quimi, oh and the recent NOW compilation...so, I do have fairly eclectic tastes...I even have a Rosemary Clooney in my pile...and of course, Toby Keith...HA!!

Some favorites are Big and Rich, a compilation of Christian hits, Christina Aguilara's Stripped...is that not one of the most awsome cd's...now, she is one heck of a vocalist.

The only music I cannot stand is hardcore rap and metal rock...ummm no thanks.

okay, that's what popped into my 'noodle'...now to see what's in yours.
our IT fellow at work blocked the blogs, so I can only check these at home.
he's such a 'stinker'..ooooh, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown have the #10video...gotta watch it...hmmm he is kinda cute, ain't he.


Lida said...

You have a good taste in music, I also don´t like very loud music!

Sara said...

Hi Karen! It's Sara and Blain! Wanted to say hello and I finally checked out your blog! Love it! We have one too! thewilliamsfamily5.blogspot.com hope you can check it out! We will be calling you and Mike the next time we are in Patterson...been wanting to see you guys!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

we have similar tastes in music.