Thursday, April 17, 2008

Class was fun last night, we did the iron embossing on velvet and altered binder clips and made cards with ladybugs.

This morning I meet with Kristin, time to exercise!

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday! I'd still rather have a pepsi and big bowl of pasta...but I'll be good...for the most part.

Been getting emails from Michele, already time to think about flying out to Rome and what we want to do (Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps) and where to stay.
So, if any of ya'll know a smashing place to stay in Rome, near the fountain, let us know. Its kinda hard for me to be thinking the trip already, I've got travel books but haven't really looked yet.

Instead I've been reading Autumn Leaves' "Find Your Groove"...what a fun book!
My score was the first number to put me at Classic...but I think I was so close I'm somewhere between Eclectic and Classic. It was the Eclectic layouts that I was drawn to. BUT it was the Hip and Trendy ones I just I guess I'm an Eclectic/Classic with dreams of being Hip and Trendy.

The pressure is less at work, A.J. started last Monday and has taken over one of the company's invoicing and deposits...just yesterday my dil (who works with us) was giving me a hard time, because A.J's desk is already looking stacked and crazy. (like mine and Betsy's)(we are 3 women handling the accounting for 2 is nuts!!) Also, what can I say, she likes to keep busy.

okay, time to prep for my workout,
a little oatmeal, workout clothes, homework for the marriage class, and I am set!


Dana said...

sounds like fun!!!

Lida said...

Oh you need to show us that embossing on velvet, how does that look? Have a great day!