Saturday, April 26, 2008

scrap trends,

from 2 peas:
What do you think of the new scrapping trends...
I love them, I love the birds and trees and chandeliers. The use of clear acrylic embellishments...I think 'trends' keep things fresh and new. Of course, don't want to be a 'slave' to trends but I do like to 'try' to incorporate them...though I haven't figured out a lo to use a chandelier on...any ideas?

Yesterday, my dh gave me an awesome gift. He hired a friend to come in and 'detail' our house. This is her business, I think she officially calls it Julee Spotless, and let me tell you, the house has never 'shined' like this. She tells me she specializes in cleaning the details for those who keep a clean house, things like the floors, window sills, window blinds,ceiling fans, shower stalls, kitchen cabinets and counters...she doesn't do the regular housework type stuff, like laundry and make beds...with my back and knees, I am not able to get on the floor and walking in to a sparkling house was such a gift. We've GOT to figure out how to afford her for regular visits.

Today, is going to be a busy day, have errands then dil is going to meet me for lunch at our favorite Thai restarant @20 min away...can you say Pad Thai!!

Then this evening I'm going to a 'make your purse' party...ever hear of those?

and I still haven't done the homework for our marriage class, I'm supposed to write dh a letter..wonder if I can 'scrap' it..hmmmmm

and dd asked me to alter 2 shoe boxes for her wedding reception, so guests can write 'marriage advise' to give them...and I forget what the other one was for..
maybe I can figure out a way to use the chandeliers on these.

ya'll have a great Saturday!!

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