Sunday, September 30, 2007

shopping fun

from 2 peas:
Share your fondest Halloween memory.

Last year, we now live in the country so it was a quiet night watching movies...I'm not that into halloween, so it was perfect for me.

Though the year Jason and Keoni dressed up like IRS men was pretty good, they had all kinds of reactions from slammed doors to extra candy to "bribe" them. It was good and funny...they wore suits and made ID tags and carried briefcases.

Yesterday I went shopping!! Went to the Original Rubber Stamp show in San Jose,
found the Cat's Pajamas (I went for) and got the next to the last acrylic set w/naughty or nice...whew..that was close. so, the stamps on the left of the package are Cat's Pajamas, on the right, the fan, clock and drama are from Leavenworth Jackson, and the glitter and Queen & Co (my present addiction) are from Miss Vickey's place.

and I was good, I had my envelope of cash and when I used the last 20...I left.

But, then came the Great Mall down the street. Think a 1 mile mall filled with outlet stores. (Oh, Cierra, H&M outlet is opening soon!!)

I had an assignment to get Queen size bedding for a friend's son's wedding gift. DONE! My nieces 12th b-day....I got her an Izod cable sweater for $20.00!! Baby Phat t-shirt for about the same and a BeBe sporty hoodie for a little more!! So if she is into preppy, urban or sporty...I've got her covered!!!

and of course had to stop by at Richards on the way home...stickles!!
and the local store to see my friend Dorlene...ribbon, punch and floss!!!

May have to work a little overtime....

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