Tuesday, September 4, 2007

back to work and a response to that thread on my mind

from 2 peas...tell us about your kids first day of school

well, my kids are grown, so we are out of those days.
but today is my first day back to work after the 3 day holiday.
and I am bummed.

I did enjoy my lazy weekend and got some scrappin done.
now, its back to the ol grindstone.

There is something on my mind, from the 2 peas board this weekend,
from the post about 'how you are not the stereotypical scrapbooker'
apparently, this pea's friend has it in her head that scrapbookers are 'overweight, Christian, SAHM's, undereducated women whos lives center around their children' and therefore does not want to get involved in the hobby. hmmm. so all these people are responding that they are not this stereotype...

my first reaction, why do we have to label people like this, I think it was mentioned in the thread by one responder...sure is high-school cliquish

2nd - what kind of person says I won't do something cuz the people who are into this hobby, falls into a certain category? Does she refuse to listen to rap music, cuz it's predominately African American? refuse to eat tacos, cuz its Mexican? or is it just 'overweight, Christian, SAHM'...." she doesn't want to be associated with?

3rd- why the many responses saying that 'I don't fall in that category"
and even some exclaiming how they hate religion...like that is a virtue?
like that is the cool thing?

4th-well, if she is going to let her prejudices keep her from scrappin' her life and her family, it is her loss...and if this is her "m-o" (see son was a Marine)...then I feel sorry for her. I don't feel sorry for the 'overweight, Christian, SAHM's'!!!!

5th- should I post my standing in this description....or let ya'll think whatever ya'll want to think...teehee.


jp said...

I read that thread, too, about the "stereotypical" scrapbooker. I just don't think you can possibly categorize scrapbookers as "all this way" or "that way". This hobby is enjoyed by an incredibly diverse group of people. And there's room for all of us! :-) Janet

EquineSpirit said...

Great post! And wonderful reactions to the stereotypical post on peas!!