Sunday, September 9, 2007

hard part of scrappin...and a request for recommendations

from 2 peas: What is the type of thing you find the hardest to you on your layouts? And why do you have a hard time using it?

1st thought, embellishments..I have such a hard time deciding on placement and amount of embellishments. I don't want to go overboard, but I want it to look nice. So, I have a real tendency to be very sparing (and boring) with my embellishments.

Last night I got to watch a really 'dumb' old movie that I think is just a hoot!
The Canterville Ghost with Charles Laughton...I don't know why I like this so much...its really kind of stupid.
There is another Charles Laughton movie that I think is just one of the best,
called This is my Country... his final monologue is AMAZING!

I don't think I have it on DVD.. so its in storage.

I also watched Love Actually...J refused to sit down and watch it, but he kept coming in and asking, with all the li'l stories, you simply cannot walk in and out of this movie and try to follow along. J was driving me CRAZY!

so, Love Actually covers England...if I want to watch movies that represent C's travels... about A Circle of Friends for Ireland...what is good for France? (gee, seems like there would be a ton of movies set in France)

Germany? and Norway? any suggestions? Switzerland? Spain? now, Only You is great for Italy, but what about Greece?

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