Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend blog...ha!

Sat 2 peas, was What are your scrappin plans and post a pic of a lo

so yesterday I went to a crop with my local group...I was there from @1:30 to 11:30.

just love it. so worked a lot on C's Ireland here is one of them..the Journal square, says "Guess she doesn't read Gaelic! Cierra at Trinity College" If it is too small to see, the sign says both in English and Gaelic, "Stay off the lawns"..
Today's question is about trends...hmmmm I like them all...but then I'm so new into this, a little over a year, that I wouldn't really know what is trend and what I've just discovered. But I guess the one I've embraced the most is bold Love Elsie and BG's Obscure. But I think its okay, cuz my scrap style is so simple... having bold papers actually adds interest and the layout doesn't least I think so. C said something about going to a nightclub in Berlin, so I'm thinking Obscure would be great for that!
I also bought some owl stamps but haven't used them.....yet.

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