Saturday, September 29, 2007

Titles and a movie

from 2 peas: When you are making layouts. Do you always put a title on your pages?

No, in fact I rarely have titles and I really should make it a point to...and add more journaling. Wonder if this could be a personal challenge.

Last night I watched the DVD "Music and Lyrics"...yes, stupid premise..BUT
so funny. If you loved Hugh Grant's dance moves in Love Actually, you will Love this! From the opening 80's style was fantabulous. and goofy.. but FUN!!

and I liked the lack of anorexic bodies in this movie also.

my sis and I have been in an 'email' discussion about tatoos.
she is adament that tatoos are T R A S H, well an overabundance of tats would be, but a couple of cute, discreet ones aren't so bad.

in fact if I ever get down to 120 lbs again,( HA!!), I plan to get one on my lower back. DIL told me those are called "tramp stamps"...I told her if I ever see 120 again, you know I'll be showing off that body!! and you jealous people can call me tramp! SNAP!!! (insert attitude smiley here)

the only thing is I am afraid of needles...could be a small problem...

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