Monday, September 10, 2007

from 2 peas: Share the most recent book you have read and think others would enjoy?

a co-worker buys James Patterson books and she shares them with me.

the most recently read one was "Quickie"...I know, the title made a couple of co-workers chuckle also...It was actually quite good, you think you know, but you don't really know...right? right.

other than that, I have a couple of books that I've started...and they are good, but I get distracted and don't finish...that actually would be a really good goal, finish some of the books I've started, huh?

not much to say here...was a slow, lazy, so perfect weekend for me...but did not scrap much...watched some movies and finished my dvd of the 2nd season of Tru Calling...oh, and got on the treadmill.

but did not do things I needed to do...oh, you know, like pay bills.

so, I guess that's whats left for tonight, and finish cat boxes.
like my li'l picture? sooo true, I have been so bad in this dept.
Ebay, Remember the Moments, Creative Imaginations, and QVC
(I completely blame the gals at 2 peas for the QVC, someone mentioned a collection of Heidi Swap acrylic stamps)

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