Thursday, September 20, 2007

card making in my future?

from 2 peas: making your own Christmas card?

no, last year I bought quite a few card packs from Current's after Christmas markdown...but...the gals in the local group are planning a craft night to make cards. So I thought I'd use that time to make set of an assortment of cards to give as gifts. Because in the past, whenever Terry would give me a pre-made assortment for my birthday...I LOVED them.

oh, I'm just waiting for my scraptalk that ketchup commercial..."anticipation, anticipation, is making me wait!!"
preordered daisy-d sewing rubon tape, and Tim Holz tools and, and..

tomorrow morning I am taking the Alcohol Inks class by Tim Holz at my lss...Youngplay! Oh, I can't wait!!

maybe I'll have some cool stuff to share after!

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