Tuesday, September 25, 2007

from 2 peas: What do you do to calm yourself down when your very upset or stressed out?

I scrub the bathtub...really, you can tell how happy I am by how dirty the tub is. I'm pretty content these days...ha!!

I am taking 3 days off this week, I'm supposed to get started on cleaning the garage of the stuff stored there for oh, 18 months....but, I'm at the computer instead. so bad,
right now, we have our stuff stored in the garage (we moved in May of last year) and stuff in storage. My mom's stuff is in the front bedroom...cuz when she went back to Tx, she left me like a 'refugee', taking only a suitcase. And C's stuff in her bedroom, cuz she doesn't have a dorm while in Europe. AND Michael has invited his friend, John to come out and live with us for a while. So, I need to clear that front room...and C comes home from Europe mid - November, since she doesn't have a dorm till Jan....she'll prob live with us. YEAH! but I gotta go make some room!

I am having so much fun scrappin her Paris pics...even found some paper by Reminisce w/ black kitties and poodles....

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