Friday, September 14, 2007

from 2 peas: Today's Challenge~ how is the weather/ fall colors in your area? Take a picture of the colors if you are having any and share with the rest of us in the bloggin world.

I'm at work, but I may have a good pic on the computer at home..from Sept last is actually just a kind of tan/brown and dry looking out here. We only get nice green hills in the beginning of spring, the rest of the year they are brown.

I've been a little 'blue' so I've been shopping a lot..not sure why, I guess its because it seems like there is a lot going on, that I have no control over. But hey, that could be a good thing, cuz me in control doesn't necessarily mean I can fix it..right? But tomorrow, I have an all day crop...its always good for the soul to have a little time out with the I get to play with my new stuff!!

feeling better already. tee hee

no, seriously, I don't have my concordance with me, but what is the verse about Godliness with contentment is great gain...?
it always hit me that the Godliness comes first...ya know.

but somehow shopping sprees are my first sign that something is going on in this dept, like a sore throat signals a cold. I better pay attention, huh.

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jason said...

ma... i'll be prayin for you.