Friday, September 7, 2007

when Micheal is away...sure I play


its friday!!

lets see the 2peas question was a li'l difficult to understand...think it was along the lines of "if dh is gone, do you scrap longer?"

Sure, when Michael is out of town, its whatever I want time.
Watch sappy boo-hoo movies, eat chocolate and scrap/shop/computer time. Take over the bed and driveway...but it is only good for a couple of days..ok..maybe a week...cuz I start to miss him.

This weekend, I'd really like to see the new Russell Crowe/Christian Bale movie...but we have not been in a theater..since my bday in May.

Well, C is in Denmark and Norway this weekend. I just can't wait till her Europe semester is over, this is all just a memory and I'll have a TON of pictures. I miss her so, and worry about her. Goodness.

When J came home from Iraq, as soon as the bus pulled up, I started bawling like a little many emotions. Hope I can 'maintain' in the airport when C returns.

I tried to upload a video for this blog, we have a little icon. but had NO luck! The computer at home is getting hard to get to..Michael is spending a lot of time on his stock threads...he's really into it right now.
and we only have one that we 'share'...the other night, I put a Clint Eastwood movie on the tv, when he left to watch...I took the computer!!
teehee...after 23 years, you just know these little things.

This weekend, I hope to work on the weight loss challenge and lyrics challenge from 2 peas.
looking forward it it!!

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