Wednesday, September 5, 2007

kits or not and some worrisome thoughts about motherhood

from 2 peas..Are you the type of scrapper who likes to have a kit with everything included in it? Or a scrapper who likes to plan what goes on a layout together?

I like both! I love it when everything is pre worked out for me in a kit and I like to put my own together. Gotta admit, I do more of the second.

Now when I say kit, I usually mean something like "I am a Scapaholic", those kit clubs...rarely do I use something sold as a kit by the manufacturer, from Michaels... Like to mix those up a bit.

Usually start with the pp I want to use and go from there.

So, first thing this morning I turn on the computer and what do I see?
Arrests in Germany and a huge terror plot...ummmm...C is in Germany... I am such a worrier...should I be worried or was the plot stopped? Should I be, I mean yes, I am thankful...but is there any danger? I guess there will always be head is in such a 'scramble' right now.

We knew, when she left, the world is not a safe on a daily, no, hourly basis give her to God and pray for her safety. It's like when J joined the Marines, after 9-11, I have to realize that if it is their time, it can happen at home, also...but I cannot let my fears,concerns,worries keep them from living their lives to the fullest and fulfilling their dreams...

I just want to lock them up and keep them safe forever. But I cannot do that can I? I have to trust God..cuz ultimately He is in control...and He does a better job of it...tho, sometimes, well, I'd like least advise Him. yeah...then I think of the movie Bruce Almighty...and well, I think I'd mess things up even worse than Bruce did.!!

okay, think of something fun....I got my 2 peas order yesterday!!
got some of the new Fancy Pants and BG Obscure! Love the look of Obscure, but what kind of pictures will look good with it? hmmmmm.

It's hard being a mom...I was gonna the 21st Century, but then, I think its always been hard being a mom.

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Sherri said...

Mom's worry no ifs ands or buts about it. Hope C stays safe.