Thursday, September 13, 2007

from 2 peas: What is something you would like to do at a retreat or scrapbooking club?

Would like to do....hmmmm...I do like to learn different techniques and such. Our scrap book group recently had a session to work on canvases, we brought our own pics, canvas and materials, but one of the gals took the lead and showed us the how was optional and it was great.

I do like it when we do that, and have our own little 'challenges'..
last time was the same paper, great to see everyones take on the same to see the personalities that come out.

and its all optional, if you want to concentrate on your own work...don't worry about it.

Been having a hard time getting to the computer at home,
Michael and J have been hooked to their Scott Trade sites,
they both sit there, going thru the threads and watching their graphs.
It's great that they are learning something together and male bonding...but I'd sure like access to the computer. We have a total of 3 computers, 4 adults...and it isn't enough right sad is that?

guess it won't matter soon, when the new season starts for Heroes, CSI, NCIS, and all...then I'll be back to my tv schedule. ha!!

can't wait for Heroes, I hope they figure out a way for the brothers to survive...

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