Saturday, September 8, 2007

from 2 peas: With the fall right around the corner and another summer gone. What is one thing you hope to get finished before fall?

Goals? me? Goals? hmmmmmm... would really like to lose weight,
learn a li'l digi scrappin...and stop spending sooooo much money!!

Maybe I should list my scrap spending, to keep me accountable....uh, no!!

Its Saturday, almost noon, and I am still in my pj's!! woot!woot!

Just a li'l light cleaning this morn, cuz my back has been achey since yesterday, and I listen to my back. If it says, "hey, I'm a li'l hurting here", I DO NOT PUSH it! Back pain is the worst!!

C sent us all a li'l 2 line email this morn, she was at the train station heading for Norway, she wrote a line about "crazy Scandinavian adventure stories"...uh oh.
But at least she sounds like she is thanks to all who prayed/is praying for her and her group.

So, its been a while since I've uploaded a about Scrapjacked, it is one of my favorite the energy of the gals who put this site together.
And I love seeing what scrappers create, even when inspired by the same layout.
Take a peek, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

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