Friday, September 28, 2007

bah humbug, just a li'l

from 2 peas: Have you started any of your holiday projects?

No, been thinking about the holidays. And did a little Avon shopping.
but because all kids are pretty much grown, It's probably going to be gift cards for everyone!! whoo hoo! I don't know, hard to get excited about buying/ exchanging gift it really takes away from the holidays for me.

Last year, we mixed it up a li'l, by having a white elephant w/a gift card exchange with the family. It did make it a li'l fun and hope we do it again.
This is the side of the family we usually pick names for adults and buy for kids.
but since the youngest kid is now 20...last year it was the exchange.

My side of the family, we just always bought for kids and didn't worry about adults, except mom. But now that the youngest is in double digits...11 or 12!! yikes
it will probably be gift they are in Tx...pooey.

The tradition with my kids has been to make their last, big gift a 'treasure hunt'
they'd receive a series of clues. Last year...I hid the gifts in the same place and so the last clue was a '3' parter (one line on each card) ..they had to work together, ha!! Well, Jason being Jason 'stole' the girl's clues....the girls being the girls...proceeded to lock him out of the house. It was fun!

I'll probably do it this year for the gift cards...well, at least gift cards are easy to hide!!

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