Monday, September 24, 2007

any regrets?

from 2 peas: When looking back at your past blog posts. Do you wish you could change anything about your writing or blog?

Yeah, a little, I guess because of the 2peas atmosphere, I'm a li'l afraid to type about anything controversial. Afraid of being flamed....? gee, on 2peas, you can get it about how you spell.
pretty intimidating to really open up.

So, I will try to keep this light and about scrapping. Already talked to my sis about starting a joint private blog, so we can share layouts (she does not want her kids' pics on a public forum).

also, would love to figure out how to add a "time ticker" to the blog and a video.
Tried, but couldn't figure it out.


Sherri said...

yeah it can get intimidating sometimes but your blog is like yours.

Stampernmore said...

I agree, that is what I would change on my blog too. I guess we both can try and do this in the future :) Great layout!

Theresa said...

Not all Peas are bad just happen to have few that like to spoil everything for everyone else. Guess they just have miserable lives and want to share the misery with everyone else.