Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday...and guy's pages

from 2 peas...Plans today?

None, been scrappin and thats what I plan to do. I haven't left the house in 2 days, and I don't want to break the record! ha! however...I may need to, we are kinda out of groceries. Had to order pizza delivery just to have something to eat!

worked a lot on J's marine corps more lo and I am done, I will be honest,

guys pages are harder..cuz you don't feel like you can use the froo-froo stuff.

so, C's books are "fuller" she has more pics...but now that J is home...

I'm always "bos"-ing imaginative guy pages at 2 try to get a li'l inspired. But I have to admit, I do feel the Corps album is rather plain. I used a lot of "Marine" paper, so I kinda let the papers and pics speak....ha!!
I love the pic of J and Nyki, above. It was taken at the Al Asad Airbase while they were serving in Iraq... It just has the "Marine" attitude!

Have a great Labor Day!! oooooh, Spike TV is having a CSI marathon...uh oh...

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Sherri said...

I know what you mean about guy pages being hard. I have nothing but guys to scrap in my house so I strugle with this a lot.