Thursday, January 3, 2008

Where do you see this hobby in five years?
I think it will be predominately digital...I'm sure the digital programs will get more and more 'user' friendly, and printing a digi page to create a book will get less costly and easier, and younger people will discover will go more digital.

Happy Thursday!

already a crazy morning, woke up late, so in a rush.
ugggh...when do things start to settle down?

worked out on the treadmill last night, I admit, it was more low key than Tuesday's, but I still ended up with a heating pad last night. My back felt tweaky.

I watched the Make me a Supermodel kickoff after Project Runway...NOOOOOOOO
I do not want to watch another show. I WILL NOT!!!

So, does this Challenge 365 look interesting?
A picture a day...I noticed the photo boards have a Picture of the Day thread....
guess one goal today is to find a link and get more info about this.

Okay, ya'll have a good, unrushed day!!


jill said...

i hope digi is not the future of sbing. i have way too much stuff!

doing the project 365 on my blog. cool links to check out

and my blog if you want to see my pics>>>

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I love the idea of the project 365 - I've already started and I'm taking my camera with me everyday. There are some more links on my blog.