Sunday, January 6, 2008

Creating lately

From 2 peas: Share what you have created lately....

well, spent most of the day working on my Project 365 blog...I have a link under Fave Blogs on the right side column.

also have been working on my Shimelle Christmas album, and hope to get back to it!!

So, today is gloomy, been raining since Friday..we were out of electricity at the house for most of yesterday, good thing I was at work!

I was hoping today would be scrappin', laundry and relaxin'...but not working out that way so far. I've been cleaning, doing laundry, decorating a little...
The back suite is now my palette, with the kids moved out and mom probably not moving back...

I put pink up in the bathroom today, just need to go to to find that piece of art to pull my colors together.

The bedroom is going to stay with an Oriental theme, but the suite is gonna have C's art deco type vogue prints put on the had sunflowers.

Hey, though that's not scrappin' that is creating, right?

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