Saturday, January 19, 2008

from 2 peas:
You'll never do _______ again. And here's why...

wow, hmmmmmmmmmmm.
I will never be unforgiving again, it takes way too much energy and effort and the only person hurt is myself and those I love around me, not the person who hurt me or mine.

I've got to go to work today, boohoo
just too much to do and time is getting away from me.
January is ending...

soooo, I'm off!


Staci said...

Good post! TFS. :-)

Nicole said...

That is the most perfect answer I've read.
I too should have blogged that same sentiment, because I have been working hard on being forgiving, even when it seems its the hardest to forgive.

I think it just makes us stronger! :D

Lida said...

Very good answer and yes january is going soo fast!!!

jp said...

Such a great post... very thought-provoking. Janet