Wednesday, January 30, 2008

deep thinking..

from 2 peas: Sit quietly for a minute. Then ask yourself what needs to be expressed thorough your writing today. Begin there.

I have had something on my mind lately.
I recently saw a commercial, sorry can't remember who it was for,
in which there was a machine, people were going thru and they would all come out looking the same... blond, w/big breasts..then 2 people break out of the line and climb out of the machine.
the tag line was something about being an individual.

This reminded me of an article I read in a magazine at dd's dr. appt.
the article talked about common cosmetic surgeries for women based on race.
That the most common surgery for African-American women is to get their noses narrowed, for Asian women to get the fold in their eyelid...and it saddened me,
how caucasion features is the standard of 'beauty' women are changing and hiding their ethnicity for it.

Think about it, who are the "beautiful" African Americans in this society, Halle Barry, Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keyes, Beyonce...all have caucasion features... Can you think of any truly ethnic looking women who are considered beautiful by the media?

I know from friends who are Philipino and Thai that in their culture it is the women with light skin who are considered beautiful.

And of course, all women believe they have to be a size 0 with D-cups to be beautiful.

I think this is all very sad and wrong.

I'd like to see a celebration of beauty that breaks out of this mold.

(I was even a little sad to see Queen Latifa is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson.
Cuz she made big curves beautiful and cool)


Heather Bares said...

great post!

Theresa said...

Beauty comes from the inside, not the outside. Until everyone realizes that though we'll continue to see those irritating ads.