Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jan 1st..a good day..busy but good

I got myself an MP3 player, now its a it at Mervyns for @$30.00
but I like it...It was in the kids section and as I registered it, I named it "Pookie"...oh well. Only one CD on it, but am listening to it while at lunch today. dd said she would show me how to download...we'll see.

Yesterday was not what I hoped. I had hoped to sleep, read and scrap. All of us, dh, dd and I ended up cleaning and organizing areas of the house. Kinda dozed on the couch to Thats Entertainment, what beautiful dance numbers. You kinda lose sight about what was special about a Fred Astaire or a Gene Kelly...then watch something like that. I esp liked Fred Astaire's number with drums in Easter Parade, and Gene Kelly's with a newspaper...pretty cool.

Got to read a little bit of the new Julie Garwood novel, I'm such a dork, Amazon contacts me before they come out and I pre-order them. But it is good so far, kinda continues with the family in one of my fave book of hers, Ransom.

But did not really some journaling typed, and did a pic on a calender dil got me... but that is it! Was hoping to accomplish so much more, oh well.

But I did get my half of the office organized, started my Bible Study, bought stuff on Scrapgalz (a relapse!!...its the fault of the pea who linked the site in a thread about college press), got on the treadmill (certain muscles are achey today) Oh, and put up goodies on the display shelves dh built me in the great room. Lots of Gone with the Wind plates and cranberry glass...and stuff. Not done, but I like it.
stuff is still in storage, sooo...gotta make do, right?

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