Wednesday, January 16, 2008

scrap ideas to decorate...

from 2 peas:Do you ever use scrap ideas to decorate a room in your home.

Not sure what the question is asking...
scrap ideas...hmmm...but isn't scrappin like decorating?
You start with an idea of what you want to convey in the room or layout. You choose your elements: whether it be furniture, floors, color in a room, or picture, cs, pp in a layout; you create your design and then you 'embellish' with your accessories.

But have I ever taken, say the colors of a Basic Gray pp to inspire a room? No

Do I use scrappin' stuff to decorate? not really, have a couple of pages in a frame in a altered clock in another..

dh and I had a little tiff on the way to work this morning, about decorating, (how funny is that) I like old furniture passed down from parents and grandparents, he wants new stuff. We have some old black lacquer dining room set from my sister, (think 80's) and I like it, its beautiful glass/lights china cabinet, and a table that seats I want it brought to the back suite turn it into a place we can hold bible study (starts in a couple of weeks) and occasional crops.
well....geee... He has no vision. He sees junk. I think with cool accessories, we can 'update' the look...see above pic...can ya'll see where I'm going with this?
lots of the wrought iron black, crystal, mirrors..I have dd's Vogue posters framed in black..the walls are a sky blue..I think it would be a very 'posh' and fun room.
Oh Well...I'll post pics if I win.

Okay, I opened my PSE6 for Dummies book and well, I just may need the PSE6 for Super-dummies book...just trying to understand the first page, oh my I guess the best thing is to take it and use it in front to the computer and go step by step...right?

have a great 'hump day'...yay, it is Stampin Up class with the new catalog is tonight.


Lida said...

Oh don´t tell me PSE is too difficult I´m about to make the transition from PSP XII to that one and I´m terrified. Maybe I should wait longer. Have a great day!

KarenSue said...

I should have pointed out I am a techno-idiot...
really have a hard time with ANYthing that is more than point and click.