Thursday, January 31, 2008

trip down memory lane..

from 2 peas: Describe what walking downtown your hometown as a child....What stores were down there, etc.

I would not know, I grew up in Houston Texas and downtown even in the mid-60's was DOWNTOWN...we did not go there. Everything we needed was in our little subdivision.

Now, the downtown here in our little town in Central CA is different, esp when we first moved in, so I'll do this for my kids...there was the only drugstore, next to a video store, next to City Hall, a barbershop and a very old Hotel, ...across the street we had a bank, the Floral Shop, beauty salon, and 2 pizza restarants. That was the Main Street, at the end of the street is a circle and on that circle is a little town museum.

Things have certainly changed in 16 years.

looking forward to the weekend!! well, I'll have to work on Saturday, but Sunday!!
while dh hogs the tv..I want to play in my scrap room!!

here's an old layout, our pup Kema with his top ten.


Mollie said...

After reading your blog it makes me want to go take pictures around the "town" part of the little city I live in... It's already REALLY built up from when I moved here about ten years ago but I can only imagine what it'll be like ten years from now...

:: gingerkitty :: said...

amazing what time does to places. Thanks for sharing

jill said...

Fun post! I want to play in my studio too :)