Saturday, January 5, 2008

inspiration..and my Sat

from 2 peas:
What helps you get some inspiration?

just about everything, these boards, magazines, everyday little things, the patterns on clothing, color combination and pattern combination in every day items.

so, I'm back to work today. it's okay, I don't mind working on Saturday, I have the office to myself, can play the music I like..take off my shoes and that chest restrictor and be comfortable.

I just don't like being in a position where I need to work the extra day, 2 weekends in a row (and possibly next Saturday)...But it is my busiest time of year, I am not only closing December, but also the 4th Quarter and 2007. (I work in General Ledger accounting and accounts receivables) sooooo, that's just the way it is.

Oh, also been seeing in your blogs about selecting a word for the year...
after some thought, I think mine will be "POSITIVITY"
It may not actually be a word, but it is an attitude I want to have.
DD has been pointing out to me how many negative comments I make in a given day,
I hadn't noticed...I so do not want to be like my 75 year old mom...who grumbles and doesn't seem happy unless she is I will work on being more positive in my outlook this year.

When it comes to the glass...I alway just thought of it as being "half a glass" thinking myself a 'realist'...but I am gonna concentrate on looking at it as
"half full"...cuz I want to move to that positive realm.

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Lida said...

I think your work is perfect and good job of being positive!
Have an awesome weekend!