Friday, January 18, 2008

life lessons...

from 2 peas:
Your biggest lesson in life came from...

life!, as you live it you sure do learn a lot, don't ya.
The daily happenings, the people around you all provide learning experiences.

watching how I respond and react, considering the consequences, then re-thinking how I should have responded and me my life lessons.

watching how the people around me live out the consequences of their choices also help me to learn life lessons.

mistakes are a great way to learn...well, its the hard way, but being able to put even them in perspective and learn from them is a gift.

I try to always keep the perspective that "I am never a victim, I am a survivor" and take from even the bad life lessons that better me. "poor pitiful me" has no place in my life.

The Faith Sisters Bible study prompt was the word "Kindness"
have you ever really thought about that word? What is kindness, really?

You think of giving without expectation of reward, of a gentle spirit, of compassion?. but is this kindness? This word has been a bit of a struggle,
and how do I 'scrap' kindness...

so, I asked dh if he could think of anyone who embodies kindness...and he thought of a couple from church. And he is right.

They quietly serve those around them..they are not rich, but they give and are open to all. They raised their grandchildren without bitterness, with gentle, loving spirit, And we (as a church) have seen their daughter come full circle out of her lifestyle and is now to the point where she can raise her own kids...they did this in a way that it brought healing instead of seperation to their family.

They are the perfect example of kindness.

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Lida said...

What you said is very true, I really enjoyed your post.