Thursday, January 17, 2008

saving pics

from 2 peas: If you keep your photos on your computer. How often do you put them on a disk to back them up?

Not often enough. Thanks for the reminder. My dd lost her hard drive during her sophomore year...and lost all but what was in her photobucket. Don't want that to happen here.

One of our co-workers was sent home this morning, he has been coming in with a 'hacking cough'(many of us have brought cans of lysol from home)..yesterday afternoon, he revealed to his supervisor that HE has known that he is contagious since Friday but continued to come to work...I'm sorry...WHAT!!!

I still don't know what he had, one of the other sales staff said it was a respritory viral..something...all I know is he is sooooo wrong!!

If I start coughing, I am kicking some "ace"...


1 comment:

Nicole said...

oh my goodness. I so hope you do not get it - funny image of all of you chasing the guy around with Lysol though.

What an idiot he is!