Sunday, January 13, 2008

FYI, I am not in these pics, they are my croppin buddies. And we had the quietest table there!! We're not boring people, we just worked!! but boy, this crop had all the elements of nightmare stories, loud people around us; someone having a hacking cough fit in the bathroom (amplified); crying baby in back; only 2 electrical outlets available; NO tables, chairs set up before start time; grumpy, bossy employee with attitude; someone playing 'her' music...But you know what, it was a great crop!

Just found out yesterday, my fave LSS, Youngplays in Tracy is closing...what was it 20,000 sq ft of scrappin heaven. So the crop I went to yesterday is one of the last if not last. There were signs, paper supplies depleted, fixtures gone, the crop being held downstairs (and not set up for when we got there)...but still, very disappointing.

Tracy worked out so well for me, only about 20 min from home and between work and home, oh well, Pleasanton is the 'other' way from work..but I guess I'd better find out about the store there. Modesto has a good store, but I don't go there anymore.
good thing we've got internet!!

but still, boo hoo!

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